Oral Presentation Australasian Groundwater Conference 2017

Resurrect plan and balancing of groundwater resources in Iran (#13)

ali Saffarzadeh 1 , Seyed Mohammad ali Mostafavi 2 , Abdollah Fazelifarsani 2
  1. groundwater, Dezab Cunsulting Engineering Co., Tehran
  2. Protection and exploitation of groundwater, Iran Water Resources Management Co., Tehran

Iran has an arid climate. Most major cities rely solely on groundwater but generally, groundwater withdrawals is used for agricultural purposes. In recent years, population growth and droughts have led to groundwater overuse, creating a crisis. The increasing trend of water exploitation in agricultural sector and an efficiency lower than the global average rate, indicate the Irreparable damage and depletion of water resources. the country's groundwater resources face an average shortage of 7.5 billion cubic meters of capacity annually and during a 50-year period, the deficit have reached more than 120 billion cubic meters. This issue threatens the future of the country's water resources and consumption. Hence, in order to control the groundwater shortage, 15 projects have been defined.

 For all of these projects based on the L.F.A. (logical Framework Approach) model, a national action plan has been devised and its every component have been detailed to every plain. we need a powerful tool to monitor this national plan, which consists of many different components including all levels of management and beneficiaries. Therefore, a management and effectiveness monitoring system based on the multi-criteria decision tree (MCDM) has been devised to monitor all of the 15 operating activities. by stopping the illegal withdrawals and controlling the over-withdrawals, organizing drill companies, establishment of groups of patrol and inspection, artificial recharge projects, replacing sewage with agricultural wells, completing and equipping measuring nets, and doing basic steady studies on water resources, we hope to manage, lead, supervise and implement the projects properly which is in the form of this national plan during the 5-year of the sixth development plan, in order to stabilize the acquired mean of decline. Furthermore, over a 15-year period, we hope to recover the cumulative loss which happened in the past years.

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