Oral Presentation Australasian Groundwater Conference 2017

Interdisciplinary research for sustainable groundwater management in conjunction with geodesy, geothermic and coastal oceanography (#135)

Makoto Taniguchi 1
  1. Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan

In order to manage groundwater resources sustainably, interdisciplinary groundwater research had been made in Asia in conjunction with coastal oceanography, geothermic and geodesy. Long term changes of subsurface environment in Asia due to urbanization and global change, had been analyzed including groundwater storage changes which were detected by geodesy satellite GRACE and others. The second issue is subsurface warming due to global warming and urbanization in conjunction with Geothermic. Third issue on interdisciplinary groundwater problem is the exchange of water and dissolved materials between land and ocean as submarine groundwater discharge into the ocean and saltwater intrusion into the land in conjunction with coastal oceanography. Groundwater-energy-food nexus is another interdisciplinary issue for sustainable groundwater management. All data for these interdisciplinary groundwater research were collected from data observed in situ, satellite data, results from numerical simulation models, and statistic data in Asian countries. Integrated water managements for sustainability are discussed for transformation to sustainable groundwater use in Asia. Groundwater is a key for adaptation to the changing climate and society, and an important entry point for water-energy-food nexus for sustainability. Interdisciplinary groundwater research is necessary for sustainable groundwater management, with adjacent disciplines such as geodesy, geothermic and oceanography.

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